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  • Is it possible to visit the agricultural platforms?
    No, the platforms are not open to the public. However, it is possible to visit them during training, meetings or other activities. For more information, contact us to discuss with the project manager in charge.
  • Is it possible to have land to cultivate on a platform?
    To be able to become an incubate on an Ange-Gardien platform in market gardening, you must submit a project on the web site or contact the platforms project manager .
  • Can we call on CREDÉTAO for a study?
    Exactly. It is possible to request expertise from the CRÉDÉTAO team who can give you an estimate of the cost of the study or can put you in contact with specialists on the subject in question.
  • I want to buy or sell agricultural land for a farm project, who should I contact?
    Vous pouvez joindre Ariane (819 962-8462,, notre chargé d'attraction et d'établissement, qui pourra vous accompagner et, au besoin, vous mettre en relation avec différents acteurs.
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