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Free Range Cows

of the Pontiac

Offered services : 

-Agricultural incubation pasture rental:


-Location of land for grazing;

-Location of megadome to store hay bales;

-Location of a tractor and basic equipment;

-Location of a greenhouse for diversified production (animal and horticultural);

-Access to infrastructure (water, electricity and toilets);

-Possibility of renting accommodation apprentice farmers in

a little house.


-Offer of Heritage College courses on the site:  


-Location of the site for field courses (payment in kind);

-Possibility of renting class rooms.


-Offer of specialized training in animal production:


-Location of the site for field training;

-Possibility of renting class rooms.


-Mentoring service offer between producers and the next generation:


-Mesh between producers and aspiring producers for an internship


-Organization of events which brings together producers and the next generation.

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