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A unique and innovative project in Quebec, the network of complementary agricultural platforms in Outaouais themed by territory/MRC, also called RésOterres, is a set of "ready-to-use" agricultural land spaces.

The vision of this network is sustainable and diversified agriculture which contributes to the development of dynamic and healthy regions in Outaouais. Its mission is to propel entrepreneurship and the diversification of sustainable biofood sectors on a human scale.

Through RésOterres, we support the emergence of the next generation of farmers with a view to propel agricultural development in the Outaouais. We believe that every aspiring farmer is a budding entrepreneur, ready to cultivate innovative ideas and create sustainable farms. Our commitment is to provide a supportive and learning environment to turn agricultural dreams into reality. 

Cultures de couverture nette

Cultivate passion and entrepreneurship


We nurture a passion for agriculture and entrepreneurship. Our team shares common values of innovation, diversity of ideas and respect for the environment. 

Supporting the next generation of farmers

We offer personalized support to help young farmers realize their dream of starting their own farm. Experts and mentors will guide you every step of the way. 

Jeune paysan avec troupeau de poules
Agriculteurs récoltant des récoltes

Providing access to agricultural expertise


You will have access to cutting-edge agricultural expertise to refine your skills and gain the knowledge needed to run a successful farm. 

Build lasting connections


We encourage the creation of support networks between aspiring and experienced farmers. By sharing your experiences and connecting with others, you will develop strong partnerships to give you the best chance of success. 

Les jeunes plants
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