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Theme:          Agroforestry
Territory:      MRC Papineau
Municipality:         Ripon

Main aspects of the platform: 

  • Mycology

  • Intercropping agroforestry systems

  • Forest-garden

  • Maple syrup


The platform's first services will be available in the spring of 2024:

  • rental of plots of field or forest crops;

  • production, processing and marketing support for incubates,

  • and marketing support for incubates;

  • centralized production and processing equipment on one site

  • conducting applied research projects that meet specific regional needs;

  • Mushroom cultivation demonstration plots and a garden forest;

  • specialized, tailor-made training courses.


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“Agroforestry is an integrated system which is based on the intentional association of trees or shrubs with crops or livestock, and whose interaction makes it possible to generate economic, environmental and social benefits. Different definitions make it possible to describe agroforestry associations which, in practice, are generally multifunctional.» (CRAAQ agroforestry committee, 2011).


We find the following different agroforestry systems: woodland cultivation, agrosilvicultural systems (intercropping systems), silvopastoral systems, agroforestry riparian strips, windbreak hedges and agroforestry systems with fruit trees.iters and nut trees. The gathering of wild forest plants and mushrooms without being an agroforestry system according to the strict definition of agroforestry, is still linked to this theme and will therefore be considered in this platform.. 

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Thank you to our partners

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