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Who are we ?


The Centre de recherche et de développement technologique agricole de l'Outaouais (CREDÉTAO) is a non-profit organization founded in 1993.

                                                OUR MISSION

To design, present and carry out agricultural and agri-food research and development projects for the Outaouais region.


CREDÉTAO offers individuals, companies and public organizations technology transfer, innovation, value chain development and entrepreneurship services in the field of agriculture and agri-food.


Since 2010, CREDÉTAO has been managing the Plateforme agricole de l'Ange-Gardien, a turnkey organic vegetable production site for young farmers. The platform has been a great success, welcoming over 40 companies since its inception.


Buoyed by this success, and in response to requests from the community, CREDÉTAO undertook an opportunity study to identify promising themes for the development of new platforms. This was the premise of the three new platforms for incubating and accelerating agricultural businesses in the Outaouais region, which now form RésOterres.


In recent years, CREDÉTAO has conducted research and development projects on :

  • pearl millet

  • sweet sorghum

  • fines herbs

  • hops

  • ginseng

CREDÉTAO also conducted the following studies: 

  • Les filières porteuses de l'Outaouais (2021)

  • Characterization of the feeding potential of the Outaouais forest (2021)

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