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Support - Aspiring farmers



General eligibility criteria :


The applicant has experience and/or training in the agricultural field;


The applicant has a well-developed business plan (in progress or developed);

(In this case, I will refer you to a resource)


The applicant understands the services offered and its commitments. He/she must sign the application form.





Support process :

Aspiring farmers


Registration and presentation of L'ARTERRE's services

Identify your needs.


Enrolment and needs analysis

Identification of success and failure factors;

Identification of professional support needs;

Referral to the necessary professionals;


Qualification and degree of preparation 

Complementary tasks.


Scouting and matching

Candidate matching.

Field visits;


Matching agreement

Reviewed or drafted by a legal professional.


Post-twinning follow-up


Canadian Farm Credit, 2023

“Outaouais is the third region where agricultural land is the cheapest in Quebec, behind Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Gaspésie. However, its proximity to the Ottawa-Gatineau consumer market makes it particularly interesting for the next generation and the establishment.”

Submit your application

Submit your application here!

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