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To fulfill its various missions, CREDÉTAO employs a dynamic and motivated team with varied and complementary profiles.


The project managers work on the management and implementation of the network of agricultural platforms, research and training projects as well as support for the establishment of farmers.
In order to pool resources, CREDÉTAO is affiliated with the Table Agroalimentaire de l'Outaouais, which completes the team with management and administrative support.

Rudi markgraf

Holder of a doctorate in biological sciences, Rudi has, among other things, studied diversity and functional traits in ecology. Since 2010, he has worked at CREDÉTAO; he coordinates the Club Ginseng Québec and the Plateforme agricole de L'Ange-Gardien.


As part of his role, he has given more than 60 trainings on forest ginseng and edible wild plants, and he has collaborated with the Center for Social Innovation in Agriculture (CISA) to set up a national network of incubators. agricultural.

Romain Trégaro

Romain is interested in research and a sustainable use and management of the territory and the environment. With a master's degree in biology and having grown up in a family of market gardeners, the development of projects providing direct and innovative solutions for users of forest and agricultural land is close to his heart.


He is working on setting up the network of platforms allowing both to test new agricultural practices, to diversify them and to train future users, and takes care of the coordination part of the platform network.

Maxime Lelièvre

As an attraction and establishment manager, Maxime works with the next generation of farmers under the banner of regional agent for L'ARTERRE, a free twinning and support service. Within CREDÉTAO, he closely participates in the synergistic consultation of actors offering services to entrepreneurs in the sector. The rise of the territorial agricultural model and the challenges facing future generations require a reconfiguration of the priorities of the Quebec food system. This is why he considers the importance, as a market gardener, of prioritizing accessibility to healthy and affordable food for the entire population.

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