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The service is offered in 75 MRCs across Quebec. Since its creation in 2018, L'ARTERRE has enabled the completion of more than 200 notarized pairings in the province. Accompanying more than 1,700 aspiring farmers and 1,500 landowners has led to the establishment of many additional farms. In fact, L'ARTERRE actively contributes to the sustainability of agriculture in Quebec. It promotes new entrepreneurial and economic opportunities, and fosters the development and sharing of useful knowledge among candidates and players in the Outaouais region. 


In the Outaouais region, four agents de maillage offer the service per MRC (owner-operators and non-owner-operators) and one agent de maillage offers the service on a regional scale (aspiring farmers). CREDÉTAO's mandate is to help aspiring farmers get established in the Outaouais region. 


ARTERRE assists aspiring farmers and farmland owners (whether or not they operate an agri-food business) with their project, regardless of the model or maturity of the project. It's also a confidential, FREE service aimed at helping new farmers get established. Its personalized approach is based above all on people. The networking service complements existing agricultural networks and services in the region.  


Note: The networking agent's support is FREE. The use of other expertise may be subject to a fee.


Would you like to talk to the team?

Ariane Provencher

Agente d'attraction et d'établissement agricole 

819 962-8462

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