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Theme:                Organic market gardener
  Territory:                 MRC Collines-de-l'Outaouais
Municipality:               L'Ange Gardien

Formerly called Agricultural platform of L’Ange-Gardien, the Collines platform is a turnkey organic vegetable production site

which has welcomed more than forty companies since 2020.


Rental of plots in champs: 40 acres


  • 1 secheated terrace (3,060 feet²)

  • 1 heated greenhouse (1,400 feet²)

  • Irrigation installations (well, basin)

  • Cold rooms​

  • Washing areas (drinking water)

  • Storage spaces


  • Tractor

  • Rototiller

  • Vibrocultivator

  • Disc harrow

  • Brush cutter

  • BCS and Honda manual tiller


Collective organic certification
with Écocert Canada

Submit your application

Submit your application here!


What happened to some of the entrepreneurs:

Our little farm

Jim Thompson and Geneviève Grossenbachear

They started their diversified market gardening business at the L'Ange-Gardien agricultural platform. After 5 years in incubation, they settled in Lochaber.  They have earned several distinctions, including: 

  • Quebec Emerging Agricultural Prize (2018)

  • My farm, my world (2019 - AGRIcarrieres)

Agricola cooperative farm

Hannah Hunter, Heather Syposz, Natalie Childs and Caleb Langille

They started their diversified market gardening business at the L’Ange-Gardien platform. After 1 year in incubation, they took over Guy-Louis Poncelet's La Macédoine farm in Papineauville (certified organic vegetables, asparagus and cut flowers). They have developed an inspiring agricultural cooperative model. 

  • Quebec Emerging Agricultural Prize (2022)


Thank you to our partners

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