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Theme:                Small fruits
Territory:             MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau
Municipality:     Messines

Offered services:

  • Rental of cultivation spaces in fields and in greenhouses;

  • Exploitation of productive small fruit plants from the CREDÉTAO orchard;

  • Accompaniment in terms of production, processing and

  • marketing for entrepreneurial users;

  • Offer of centralized production and packaging equipment;

  • Conducting applied research projects that meet specific needs

  • specific to the region;

  • Offer of specialized training in berry cultivation and tailor-made;

** With regard specifically to the Agricultural Platform for Small Fruits of the

Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, it includes a research and training component on the GREENHOUSE CULTIVATION, among others on strawberries.


CREDÉTAO therefore plans to

set up 2 greenhouses in the summer of 2021 to provide a training site for

producers in the region wishing to embark on greenhouse production as well

as for the next generation of farmers interested in this mode of production.


Rental of plants from the diversified orchard: 

Planted in fall 2023

400 haskap trees​

450 blueberries​

345 lingonberry plants​

180 currant bushes​

90 Gadelliers​

110 saskatoon berries​

Planted in spring 2024

​120 table grape plants

​55 aronia plants​

28 elderberry plants​

Planted in fall 2024

340 blackcurrant plants


  • 1 heated greenhouse (3,000 feet²)

    • Orisha automated system​

    • Water tank and pump included

  • Access to water in the field

  • Cold room (availablenible during the 2024 season)

  • Freezer (available during the 2024 season)

  • Storage spaces


  • Lawn tractor

  • Brush cutter

COMING IN 2024-2025

  • Packaging equipment (e.g. sorting of small fruits)

  • Production equipment (e.g.: harvester helper)

  • Processing equipment

Submit your application

Submit your application here!

Stay tuned for the

Small fruits day

which will take place at the beginning of December !

This will be an opportunity in particular to discuss betweenproductberry drivers of fruit developmentbe sector in addition to taking advantage of conferences. Among other things, we will discuss the study of opportunities that we wish tolaugh to support you.


We will discuss collective marketing and shared packaging and processing equipment.

Thank you to our partners

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